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In English

Belle-de-Nuit 2: Point du Jour

The sequel to Belle-de-Nuit, with new loves, new challenges, and the same amount of swashbuckling! Heart's Choice, November 2022.

Two Siblings, Seven Fish

To celebrate Nowruz, a short story about family and cultural heritage, with a blend of the autobiographical and the fantastical. PodCastle, March 2022.


An interactive novel about a duellist in 17th-century Paris, fighting for the honour of the ladies of the night working in a luxury brothel. A feminist, sex-positive view on sex-work, awash with swordfights and witty one-liners. Heart's Choice, June 2021.

Birds Without Wings

Short story about hitch-hiking, being in love, and shapeshifting. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2020.

Never Date Werewolves

An interactive novel about a single mother tyring to deal with a litter of kids whilst finding true love. As cheesy and heartwarming as it sounds! Heart's Choice, April 2020.

It Never Snows in Snowtown

Short story. A guided tour around the cupcake-sweet city of Snowtown reveals what the pale snow covers. An allegory about what we sacrifice and its cost. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov/Dec 2019.

A Winter Night in Iceland

Oral storytelling. A retelling of Icelandic myths and legends, as well as a few original poetry pieces. Youtube, 2018.

In French

Crève charogne!

Theatre play. When the characters start hearing the stage directions, a wacky fight against the fourth wall ensues. First performance at the Boulangerie du Prado, Lyon.

Sans nom et sans histoire

Theatre play. A man with no story and no name. Two terrorists with an agenda and something to prove. A daughter who refuses to be dirtied. When ideals and lives collide. First performance at the Espace 44, Lyon.

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