Zuntold Publishing, October 2020

​​The Game Weavers

“Rebecca Zahabi is a master at twisting the reality we know into something new and exciting. The Game Weavers is easily one of my favourites from the year so far.” The Queen of Teen Fiction

“A gripping novel of the future of games. The stakes are high; the characters involving; the storytelling direct and elegant.” Geoff Ryman

Seo Kuroaku has it all. Adopted as a boy by the formidable Sir Neil, he's the youth champion of Twine, the high-pressured national sport. Played in arenas where thousands come to watch, weavers craft creatures from their fingertips to wage battle against fearsome opponents.

But this is a Britain of darker times - and Seo is harbouring a secret.

​When he is outed, Twine can't help him. With the help of his brother Minjun and Jack, the man he can’t quite decide if he loves or not, Seo has to fight to get his life back on track whilst facing the biggest match of his career.